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How do I book tickets for multiple performance dates?

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How do I book tickets for multiple performance dates?


Once you have selected the event you want to attend, in this case, The Days of 76, click on the date, for a single date and want to add tickets for another date, click on EDIT SEARCH, then click on EVENTS in the drop down, change the date to the performance you want to attend and SEARCH. All available VIP and Box seats will appear. General Admission seats will display for that date and time as well. To CONTINUE SHOPPING for other dates, click on EDIT SEARCH again and follow the same steps.  For Saturday performances, both the 1:30 p.m. performance and the 7:00 p.m. performance will appear when entering the Saturday date.  Call us if you need help and we'll book your tickets for you!

To book the Days of 76 Rodeo - Recap:

  1.     Click on Deadwood Events
  2.     Select Days of 76
  3.     A day by day list of performances will appear
  4.     Click on Buy Ticket icon for the date you plan to attend
  5.     Scroll thru the seat options: VIP, BOX or GA and make your selection
  6.     Click Book, Select your seat and repeat until you have all of your seats (for GA, select the number of seats from the drop down)
  7.     To add tickets on another day - Click on EDIT SEARCH, CLICK EVENTS, CHANGE THE DATE and select your seats.


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