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What is the climate in the Black Hills

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What is the climate in the Black Hills?


 We are fortunate to have four seasons.

  •     Summer (mid-June - mid-September)
  •         Warm (sometimes hot) days and cool nights are the norm from mid-June through mid-September.
  •     Fall (mid-September - November)
  •         Comfortable warm weather through September and crisp cool weather into November make fall an excellent time to explore South Dakota.
  •     Winter (December - early March)
  •         While temperatures can be cold, cold spells usually alternate with milder weather. Snowfall is prevalent-providing excellent conditions for winter sports.
  •     Spring (late March - mid-June)
  •         Mostly sunny days, but this can be the rainy season. Spring snow showers are a possibility through early May. Temperatures can range from the 40s (4°C) to the 80s (27°C).


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