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Orange arrow Are there hotels located on the UTV/ATV trails?

  Yes, there are quite a few places to stay that are right by the different trails throughout the Black Hills. Contact us at 605-578-7702 & we will be more than happy to help you find the right hotel for you...
Orange arrow Pet friendly properties in Deadwood and other areas?

  There are many pet friendly properties here in the Black Hills. If you are looking for a hotel that will allow your fur baby, please jump on our website or call us at 605-578-7702 & we will be more than happy to help you....
Orange arrow Do any of your properties have car charging stations for electric cars?

  There are several properties that do have car charging stations here in the Black Hills. You can find properties with electric car charging stations at . Once you have selected your property you can book it at: https://www.blackhill...
Orange arrow What is the address and phone number of the property I booked?

  Once you finalize your reservation, you will receive your confirmation papers via email. Click on the property link for address, amenities, and photos. The information also prints out on your travel documents. When in doubt, call one of our Travel Specialists at 1-866-601-5103 for property infor...
Orange arrow How do I know if I am receiving a package discount on the property that I am interested in?

  When you look at the properties in your lodging search results, properties with the price crossed out are offering a package discount. As you choose your vacation options, your package total will be listed in your shopping cart. Your package discounts will be listed near the bottom of the itinera...

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